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I have a quebec mobile plan, what can I do to be able to call quebec from in usa? and can I make local usa calls?

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    Hello @Antonio C. #15741, with only QC coverage in your mobile plan, to use your Fizz mobile outside of QC and parts of eastern ON, you need a travel add-on, which does have limited minutes and does expire after the next pay period. If you want to travel to the US with your Fizz mobile, buy a US travel add-on. The other option is to install a calling app on your phone and use it on WIFI (library, hotel, etc.). The later option of using an app will work anywhere you have WIFI access.


  • what is the coverage of canada usa plan? can I call canada from usa and vise-versa?

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    Hi Antonio,

    You can't call in Us and you cannot call from Us in Quebec whit your Quebec plan. To do that you need to take the Canada -Us plan and yes you will be able to call in US to Us.

    This is the coverage, open this link

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    If you have Canada-USA coverage you can make calls from the United States and use your mobile data. Otherwise, If you have the Quebec coverage in your plan, you need a Travel Add-on or an International call Add-on to make your calls to Canada or the United States.

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