Is posible customer service change my email adress ?

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I was scammed in my email account I can't use, I could customer service change email to change my payment card. I urge my returned service, can I pay directly from my bank?

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  • PF_Ref_D2U9A
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    On your Fizz account, you can change your payment method -

    To pay for your Fizz plans, you can use:

    • Visa or Mastercard credit card
    • A prepaid Visa or Mastercard
    • Debit Mastercard or Visa Debit card

    Only one-off payments are accepted with Vanilla prepaid cards


    You CANNOT use: 

    • American Express (Amex), Dinners and others credit cards 
    • A debit card 
    • A foreign credit/debit card 
    • Funds from your Fizz Wallet

    source -

  • StefanM
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    As already mentioned, please contact customer support. They can help you with that. You can change your payment methods yourself online as explained by @PF_Ref_D2U9A

  • Hello @Jesaidc, you need to contact a Fizz team member. The best way is to log in to your account, go to My Settings, Contact Form and submit your message to open a Support Ticket.

  • Further more @Jesaidc, I suggest you change the password to your email account and consider changing any passwords for other accounts associated with that email address, as a precaution against that scammer accessing any of your other services with other service or good providers.

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