Trying to set bedtime schedule/how to fix time setting in router

Matt F.
Matt F. Posts: 3 ✭✭

Trying to set bedtime schedules for some devices, which doesn't work properly i.e. set it to 'sleep' daughter's device from 9pm to 7am but phone still works past 9pm but then doesn't during the day. From what I've read here in forums, the time in the router is actually not local time? I can work around and set the bedtime schedule differently, but how does one figure out what time it is in the router? I.e. if it was 3 hours off, I'd set schedule for 12am-10am, but it's not three hours...without needing to do a week's worth of tests to pin down the time, does anyone know how to either reset the time, or find out what the actual time zone it's set to is?