Webex not showing screen shared by presenter (iOS and Android)

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Hello Dear Fizzers!

I have a weird problem with my Webex Meet application. Whenever I am on Fizz mobile data, I am unable to see the screen the presenter is sharing, I can only hear what they are saying. There is nothing wrong with the application as whenever I switch to Wifi it works fine. I tried the app on 2 different phones and systems (iOS and Android) and both had the same issue knowing that both are on Fizz network. I spoke with Webex technical support and there is nothing wrong with their application. It seems like Fizz is blocking some traffic on their mobile data network. Any clue on what should I do? As I contacted Fizz and they know nothing!!


  • RyHi
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    Hi Tarek,

    I know you contacted WebEx already, but I would still check and make sure you have the WebEx settings correct. I know it defaults to audio only over mobile networks and audio and video on WiFi. I am not convinced it is a Fizz issue. The other thing I would recommend is testing your speed on mobile data. Video conferencing apps tend to switch to audio only if there is a slow connection.

    I have a WebEx meeting tomorrow. I will try to join on mobile network to test it out and let you know if I find anything.

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    Sounds like some specific ports are being blocked (probably for security reasons). Have you by any chance tried to use some "free" VPN service like Windscribe (many others exist) ?

    Just saying, if using a VPN tunnel, might allow you to bypass the blocked ports by tunneling through the VPN. I know it is not a permanent solution, but at least you may have a workaround for now.