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I got my 30GB data bonus and it says you have 60 days to use it once activated. I have not activated it yet, but its counting down (49 days left). is this right?

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    yes it is perfectly normal, you have 60 days to activate this perks, and when it is activated, its lifespan will also be 60 days.


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    The count down is for the activation , so you have 49 days to activate it.

    Once activated it will last a month.

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    Ah! So it's not like the 1GB perk which lasts 30 days. Thanks for the precision.

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    @scotsman3288 @Philemon24

    Indeed this perk has a different lifespan than the perks of 1GB, here's what was indicated in the fine print.

    "Once deposited, this perk will be available for activation for 60 days, and once activated on your mobile plan you’ll have 60 days to use it after which this 30GB will expire."

    Source: Fizz Legal notes

  • Hello @scotsman3288, as others pointed out, you have limited time to activate the Perk and then use it. Note, don't change your monthly plan, Fizz recently significantly increased the monthly plan rates for new subscribers and anyone changing their plan. I got caught after reducing my data plan and soon face paying more or switching providers.

  • Which plana re you talking about @Clive ? I don't see a difference on the low end around what I use.

  • @SmartyPants, I noticed that Fizz changed the mobile data plans for 6, 9/10, 12/13 and 15GB and perhaps other plans. A 10GB option is now about $5/mo. more than prior to the recent changes

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    How did you get 30GB data bonus?

  • Yes, that is the expected behavior.

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