What is the best way to earn Fizz points on the forum?

Hi I was wondering what is the quickest way to earn fizz points ?

Thanks !:)

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    This the answer of Idefizz grave in the past to your question

    The My Rewards program policy does not specify how many points, only the actions that give them. So I add our observations we collected over time:

    Actions on the forum (community HUB) that contribute to My Rewards progress.
    • 3pts by replying in a discussion thread (except those that you have started), +5pts when done in the first 5 minutes
    • 50pts per activated monthly bonus
    • 50pts by obtaining the first "Accepted solution" (read "THE best answer") (except in forum categories "Data Gifting" and BreakRoom sometimes it works and sometimes not for a reason that eludes me)
    • 50pts per the Geek forum badge (not Gurus)

    Source: https://fizz.ca/en/faq/how-do-i-earn-perks-using-community

    For the My Rewards levels gained elsewhere

    You can also get points elsewhere than in the forum (community HUB):

    • 10pts for every $ spent paying a monthly plan
    • about 3pts for every $ spent buying a mobile device
    • 3pts for gifting data (not perk)
    • , 200pts when this sponsored person pays their 2nd invoice (sponsorship: use of referral codes)


    • 1000pts account Badge Chasseur/Collector 10 referrals (on top of sponsorship)
    •  500pts account Badge Chasseur/Collector 5 referrals (on top of sponsorship)
    •  50pts account Badge Amigo
    • the other account badges probably give 50pts each too