What's the best & cheapest way to occasionally call US numbers?

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I won't be calling US numbers alot, but I find the per minute rate is too high. Any other alternatives without long term committments?


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    Hello @Tarek, I suggest several options to consider:

    • buy a calling add-on...cost effective but do expire
    • add money to your wallet and look in to using a per-minute service like 1010710 or similar
    • use a calling app...many are cost-effective and safe, read reviews and look for apps that don't require many permissions, the fewer the better and ones that offer the ability to disable permissions


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    Please check with fizz directly via chat: https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us but I believe if you choose Canada + US as your coverage area, calls to the US are included. Again, please confirm with Fizz directly.

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    I personally use a VOIP service called TextNow. They are a Waterloo (ON) based company offering unlimited minutes and texts to all North American numbers. This is great especially when your Fizz plan does not include minutes and you need to spend some time on hold. It's completely free and only requires a working internet connection.

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    The US add-on is 6.00$ for 60 minutes. However, it lasts only for two payment cycles. A Canada + USA unlimited plan is usually 8.00$ extra per month than a Canada unlimited plan.

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