Considering porting to Public mobile due to travel pass

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I love Fizz but their travel plans suck, many countries (UK etc) they dont even have talk options!!!

Even in the USA its $0.25 per minute or $4/60min.

Public has talk & Text for 15$ /10 days.

Does fizz have any plans to offer decent travel passes??

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    Hello @rosey, many people who travel on a regular basis buy pre-paid SIMs in the UK (or wherever you travel). This is often less expensive and more flexible than travel add-ons. This is largely the reason for dual SIM mobiles.


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    Yes I agree with every word, please Fizz give us better options.

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    You do realize however that Public Mobile offers NO service outside of Canada and the US ? And the $15/10 days you mention for the US, only includes unlimited talk and text (no DATA). For $20 (instead), you can get 250MB with that plan. If you want just data, it is not cheap either, @ $10 for 250MB, $15 for $500MB, and $20 for 1GB, and they are valid only for 10 days. Any Fizz addons are good to up to the END of the NEXT billing cycle.

    And you say, with Fizz "Even in the USA its $0.25 per minute or $4/60min". True, if you travel last minute and not a frequent traveller. For frequent travellers to the US, they pay an extra $8/m and everything in their plan is available in the US (so unlimited talk and text, and whatever Data you have). And they also get unlimited calls to both Canada and US. So it all depends on how often you travel to the US. Also if you don't have any promo pricing, and you "plan" accordingly, you can always switch to the Canada/USA plan the billing period prior to going to the US, and then switch back.

    I have 3 lines with Public Mobile, and have no issues with the service. Prefect for us - not heavy users - and with referral and loyalty perks, it is costing about $10/m per line. No other provider could come close to that price for what we needed. But when you travel outside of Canada/US, there is nothing available with PM (not even text/data as Fizz has in some destinations).

    Truth is, there is NOT many prepaid mobile services that offer much for travellers. Even other companies like Chatr charge crazy roaming rates, like 50¢/min for calls (incoming and outgoing) in the US and no option to buy blocks. Freedom's prices are just as outrages also. Lucky mobile ? You cannot make calls from within the U.S. or from elsewhere outside of Canada, as Lucky Mobile Canada does not provide roaming services. Telus prepaid services will not work in the U.S. You must have a monthly service to be able to use a Telus phone in the U.S. . Fido Roam is not available with postpaid Basic plans and prepaid plans. I haven't covered all of them, but just a few examples to get an idea.

    If you travel and need you cell to work wherever you go, you need a postpaid plan. And often many of the basic postpaid plans are excluded from roaming (like Fido). So make sure you do your homework.

    Welcome to Canada, we are like a 3rd world country for mobile phone plans/services.

    When I used to travel a lot, I used to just pick up a local SIM card at my destinations (and made sure to change my voicemail message to indicate that I was out of country and return calls would be delayed). They are often a LOT less expensive, and quite simple to get (in most places). YES, there are SOME destinations that foreigners CAN'T get local SIM cards (but they are the exceptions).

  • I am a heavy traveler and thanks to Fizz I buy as required datas. On the other hand I obtained a free Fongo phone number. Before leaving airport I transfert my Fizz calls to my Fongo phone.

    Do you know that with 1Go you can talk over the Fongo phone for more than 12 hours...... This system works wherever you can buy Fizz datas in the world. No need to change sim cards, no need to tell friends to call you at a different number they call home and recently I answered in Sweden, Finland, France, and now Mexico. Who could ask for more......

    Make your life simple!


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    I think that data plans for outside Canada are great. You can buy 1Gb when needed, for the country or zone needed. Many other phone providers don’t offer this, or you’re stuck with 15$ per DAY for using your plan as at home.

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    That’s why fizz is great, in my opinion

  • Hello @rosey, Fizz is like most pre-paid providers in Canada, not great for regular foreign travel. The lack of distinct choice and flexibility is largely due to our small national population and outside of several regions, low population density. The same applies to other businesses with big fixed costs like airlines and passenger rail service.

    Videotron offers wifi calling and texting as do some other providers. And many apps offer the same, for no or little cost. Look up MVNO in Canada for future offerings as an alternative.

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