I've no idea why I have multiple 1 GB perks and why they all finish the same time. What am I to do with 5 of these?

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    these are 1GB gift cards of data generously offered by Fizz, they have a life of 30 days at the moment you activate them, you can also offer them in turn before they expire.


  • Pieboy
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    You can also gift them to other fizz members

  • Clive
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    Hello @Mikeytas, the 5x 1GB data Perks are likely rewards you earned, perhaps from buying a phone from Fizz. You must activate them or gift them before the expiration date.

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    I have no need for data, so if I gift them and the person/people do not use them before they would have ended for me, does it just expire for them or do they have simply restart the countdown once they get into the "hands" of those to whom I will have gifted them?

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    No, the countdown will not start again for subscribers to whom you offer them, if there're 10 days left before the gift expires, it'll be the same number of days for you as for them.