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I'm currently using an unlocked Oneplus 6 with a carrier that starts with Koo and ends in Do. I'd like to switch to Fizz but I have a few questions;

1- Do plans have Call Display & Call Waiting?

2- How much does additional data cost if you go past the allowance?

3- Will a Oneplus 6 work on the Fizz network?

4- So once I'm ready, I go to a couche-tard, buy a SIM card and come back home and follow the instructions on the account, that's it?


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    Fizz can change their plan offers and adjust plan pricing from time to time.

    Currently the 12 GB and 20 GB plans are being offered at interesting prices.

    Fizz plans include data roll-over so you get to keep any of your unused data for 2 more months: https://fizz.ca/en/rollover

    If you ever need a data add-on, the prices are as follows:

    • $8 for 500 MB
    • $12 for 1 GB
    • $20 for 2 GB
  • Thanks for your quick help, I used your referral code. :)

  • Does that mean you can never change your plan? You can only add un chunks of 500mb/1gb/2gb ever? Or can you change your plan at the end of the month?

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