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I wish I knew what the magic path is to get the 'Chat' feature to work. I've tried several browsers, both in Private Browsing mode and normal mode. Only once, when using Firefox which I'm currently using, did the chat button actually produce a chat window.

I've performed the same steps and each time clicking on the Chat feature does nothing.

I am trying to find out what happened to the phone and sim I ordered a few days ago. The order was in the first stage "Order received" for a couple of days however the VISA charge appeared. Today, the order changed status to 'Cancelled' and I am having a difficult time contacting someone. I did get one chat window open earlier but I can no longer find it and am contemplating just having VISA reverse the charge and look for a different provider. The last update was 3 hours which was a basic "We will contact our technical support team to determine the cause" kind of update. Curious as to why they didn't ship another unit immediately as they have the payment but have cancelled the order.

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    Sometimes credentials are because of expired web session.

    Maybe compose your text in advance and paste it in the form once freshly logged in? Annoying, I know...😕

    I usually suggest the following but seems insufficient for some:

    • try in incognito/private mode
    • to try with a different browser, Chrome and Edge are known to work relatively well with Fizz
    • to try on another device (mobile, laptop, tablet)
    • you really are on a FAQ page e.g.
    • you scroll through the page and after 10-15 seconds the ❔ bubble will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.
    • you are really logged in with your account. Disconnect explicitly using "►Log out" in the left menu, close any Fizz tab, clear your cookies, reconnect.
    • no browser extension blocks its appearance (ad blocker or plugins like "NoScript").
    • JavaScript is enabled
    • no VPN disables the rendering, some have ad blockers
    • no DNS profile blocks essential pieces
    • to empty your cache


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