Playstation 5

As the PS5 is unavailable everywhere, do some of you have the console?

Do you know a website/Reddit subgroup where we could find available PS5s in online or brick-and-mortar stores?

It seems like it's impossible to get a new one without buying one from a scalper...


  • ThinQ
    ThinQ Posts: 8

    Are you looking for alerts for drops?

  • Doomdrou
    Doomdrou Posts: 725

    Yes, but there never seems to be any drops expect rare ones on the last day of each month. I tried the Discord channel, but the live Twitter accounts seem to be more effective. Never could buy one because of the scalper bots, but at least I got info on the drops...

  • Is availability for the PS5 still that bad even now?

    I was holding off getting a new console because I was waiting for the new GTA game to come out first ..

    Plus there wasnt anything that grabbed my attention.. especially at the prices for consoles lately..

  • Faelirya
    Faelirya Posts: 403

    There was an Internet website but I forgot... I'll look for it

    But now it's starting to have some PS5 from time to time. It seems easier to get

  • Derr
    Derr Posts: 947

    All right, let us know

  • Did you try on FB marketplace? Maybe someone is trying to get rid of theirs right now.

  • Derr
    Derr Posts: 947

    Good idea!

  • Faelirya
    Faelirya Posts: 403

    I can't find it anymore...

    But PS5 seems more frequent. My local game shop announced having a bunch of them yesterday