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Since I will be receiving 5 sim cards, will they all work for different cell phones?


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    absolutely do not worry since the Fizz SIM card is detachable in three different formats (mini, micro and nano). Make sure to insert the correct SIM card format for your phone. If you detach the wrong format, don’t worry — the Fizz SIM card can be “reattached” in the right format. 


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    As explained by Dapfizzer.

  • Hello, simply: yes, as long as the phones are unlocked and compatible with Fizz frequencies. Most, if not all, cellphones sold as for North America are compatible.

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    Yes, if the phone use a SIM card it will be ok. Four SIM size are included in the Fizz SIM box. Also there is a little tool to push out the SIM door to access the SIM.

    Every unlocked Android, IOS and Windows Phone should work. Also Windows 10 tablet that as cellular connectivity.

    The only problem you could get is with really outdated phone ... but as long as your phone support 3G (or more) for the calls, and LTE for the data it should be fine.

    He is a common list of supported device :

    But there is a lot of missing phone that will work (Alcatel, Lumia, Microsoft, etc.).

    Good Luck !

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    Work anywhere... except in a Apple Watch (because there is NO sim there, Grrr.)

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    work not wow.

    forget this line, I edit the other comment (can't delete)

  • Did you get all your cards? Did everything work out ?