[Iphone] Voicemail works via holding "1" but not showing on visual voicemail

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Hello fizzers,

I have the visual voicemail plan added (2$/month) and my voicemail works fine the traditionnal way : holding 1 and listening to the voicemail. The voicemails are saved there and I can listen to them.

However, they do not appear on the visual voicemail. I can see the "Voicemail" tab and set a greeting, but it is always empty ("No Voicemail"). Somehow, they do not show there.

I tried many things : restarting my iphone, resetting my network services, removing my sim card and put it back in, nothing worked.

Specs : Iphone 12 Pro, latest IOS 15.2

Thank you and have a nice day !

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  • Philemon24
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    Hello @Hans591

    Mine simply won't get new messages when my VPN is on.

    Once off, it fetches them. Try that if it's your case.

    Didn't find a workaround except to turn it off temporarily. Maybe it's by design 🤷‍♂️

  • Clive
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    Hello, as Philemon24 wrote, a VPN or proxy app is likely the culprit and is likely by design as a security feature to protect against unauthorized use. Check the VPN or proxy app to see if you can add any exceptions. A proxy app like Orbot allows you to choose which apps to add under its 'umbrella'.

    If you don't use a VPN or proxy, uninstall and re-install the app, Iphone and apps are suspect to bugs like any other. If neither of resolve the issue, reach out to Fizz Customer Service via the online Chat feature or the Contact Form in My Settings in your account.


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