2 GB Data Perks

Hi all,

Got 2 GB to give to 2-4 persons (0.5-1 GB/person). Send me your referral codes!


  • Philemon24
    Philemon24 🔴 🎁 🤩 💲 REFERRAL CODE ▶DWJT2◀ CODE RÉFÉRENCE 💲 🤩 🎁 🔴Posts: 750

    So generous of you 🙌 although I don't need any for now.

    Just a few tips for those requesting data:


  • Thanks buddy!


  • Vesper
    Vesper Posts: 18

    @Damien L. #2266 just sent 1 GB your way!

  • Great thanks XBXFF 😀

  • Vesper
    Vesper Posts: 18

    Hi @SquikyBird, sorry but it's not working for you. You can refer to @Philemon24's post above for a few tips

  • Exulia
    Exulia Posts: 2

    Hello if it's still available, thank you, IRLFY

  • Vesper
    Vesper Posts: 18

    @Exulia sorry but it says you cannot receive gifts because you do not have a mobile data plan 😥

  • Clive
    Clive Posts: 180

    Hello Vesper, if your data to give is from a Data Perk, you cannot gift a Perk using a referral code. The way to do it is activate the Perk on your own account and then you can gift using a referral code. Otherwise Fizz has it set up to gift Perks to an email address or phone number.

    My code is 73TF9 if you do this and still have some extra data to gift.

    Cheers and Happy Fizzing.

  • erifor2
    erifor2 Posts: 9
    Hello Vesper, thank you for your generosity! If you still have some we are taking to allow my spouse (teacher) and my son (high school) to continue distance education during the rest of the week. My code is 273S0. Thank you again and have a good day!
  • Fredddd
    Fredddd Posts: 9


    I need a data (1GB or more). I am new in Canada. I need to inform my family. please guide me in this regard

    my code is: MQNP5