Data Perks to give away

I have some 1GB data perks to give away. Please DM me your email or phone number if interested.


  • Cheers for the offer. I will send my code.

  • Laur3nt
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    That is great of you !

  • Philemon24
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    Data perks require email or phone number, contrary to paid data coming from a mobile plan which simply require a referral code.

    I hope Fizz will eventually simplify this so that only a referral code is required for any gift.

  • I agree. The process for gifting perks is not great. Many people don't want to give out their phone number or email to someone they don't know.

  • And that would be me, the danger is more from apps on people's smartphones and computers scanning for phone number and other contact information and then feeding this data in to its database of potential targets for ads and nefarious actions. Is the 'simple' work around to activate the data Perk and then gift data to someone using only their referral code. Agreed, Fizz may be competitive on its pricing for its services but has many flaws in its delivery of those services. I don't envy Fizz Customer Service agents.