Enter network unlock code - How do I activate a different phone?

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I am trying to activate a different phone. When I insert my sim card into my other Samsung phone, I get a screen saying "Enter network unlock code". How can I tell if the phone is unlocked, or who the previous service provider was?

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  • Deh
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    Luckily unlocking the phone is now free in Canada, you can search in your phone settings under "about phone" to see who's the phone locked to and you can contact them.

    I never tried unlocking a phone before but I'm guessing all you need is the Imei of the device

  • Thanks. The phone does not say what the previous carrier was, so I think I am out of luck

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    Unfortunately, unless the previous owner can tell you more about the phone history, I think you will need to contact the various big sellers like Videotron, Bell, Rogers, etc. Good luck!

    The good thing as Deh mentionned is it will be free. Imagine, before they blocked us and charged us 50$ if we ended up with another provider. 😣

  • Clive
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    Hello, record the IMEI of the phone and contact the big three providers (Bell, Telus, Rogers) first. Phones sold locked to a carrier are now free to unlock, unfortunately there is no setting to check for the carrier. If the phone is from the US, you may be out of luck unless you want to contact the US carriers. If a phone was sold by Fido, Rogers may know, Bell for Virgin, Telus for Koodo. A last option is to take it to a mobile phone service shop and pay a fee (probably $20 +/-) for them to unlock it for you.

  • Clive
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    Also, a phone from Videotron should work on Fizz without unlocking as Videotron owns Fizz and is the same network.

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