Is it OK to place an object on top of the Fizz modem?

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I know the manual says not to place an object on top of the modem but has anybody done this regularly without problems? It does not seem to generate much heat at all so I can't see why not.

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    There are air vents all around the modem. I think the modem will get hot if any of the air vents are blocked off.

    If the manual says not to do it, why would you want to risk breaking the modem and paying for a replacement?


  • jfmartel
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    Manual clearly says to not put something on it. Why would you think they asked someone to write that in the manual? For fun? You are asking for problem.

  • BobLeore
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    What the manual says and what people do in practice can differ markedly (ever read a table saw manual or almost any appliance manual nowadays with five pages of safety precautions?). I was merely canvassing the community to see if anyone has tried and what their experience was.

  • Deh
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    If you lack space that much, put your modem on top of everything. I don't think it will overheat if you block the top part, but just to be sure, don't block it

  • Hello, as the others have pointed out, you shouldn't block any of the vents on the modem, the vents allow the warm air to escape and keep the modem from overheating and then failing. It is always good to place your modem in a spot where it won't be disturbed, allowed to get dusty or covered up.

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    The Fizz modem is notoriously low-end; even if you don't have to pay if it breaks prematurely, would you be happy to wait 1-3 days for a replacement if it does?

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    I would not do what the manusl recommsnds not to do. It will most likely over heat and fail prematurely.

  • Damien L. #2266
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    The faraday cage seems a good option.

  • Vesper
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    The Fizz modem comes with a sticker on top of the air vents that says to be removed before use. If you can't keep a sticker on top, you should assume to avoid putting objects on top as well. ;)

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