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Just signed up and set everything up. Tested speed on multiple devices by wifi and by ethernet. Speed is constantly around 10 MBPS and not the 50MBPS of my plan. What is going on? Or does it take a while for the plan to be applied?

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    Hello @StevenScott

    Once it works you should have the speed you paid for.

    If it's a constant 10Mbps then it is probably a bad profile assigned to your modem. This happened to a couple of other clients recently. And only customer service can fix this by chatting with Fizz' customer service.

    To chat:

    1. Go to a FAQ page e.g. https://fizz.ca/en/faq/status-services
    2. Look bottom right for the big ❔ question mark in a green bubble.
    3. Click it, options will be displayed
    4. Choose "💬 Chat"
    5. Note: the bubble will only display the chat for a computer version. If you are on a cell phone, you must check "Desktop site" in your browser settings.
    6. Submit your question with possibly a relevant screenshot or modem photo
    7. After that will be displayed the number of customers preceding you, to manage your expectations. Updated real time.

    The advantages of Fizz bubble tool are that it is 24/7 real-time with waiting time management and the ability to print (e.g. PDF) a copy of the conversation for your records. Sometimes you can even leave a comment about your satisfaction with the conversation.



  • StefanM
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    As suggested, reach out to customer support first via Live Chat (My Settings -> Contact Forms --> Green Chat Bubble). They can look into the technical side of things.

    My personal experience is that the Fizz provided modem (CODA) is notoriously unreliable. I personally use it only in bridge mode and purchased my own modem with WIFI 6. Works perfectly.

  • StevenScott
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    Apparently it is not uncommon situation. I was asked during a Messenger chat to wait until today and restart the modem. I unplugged it, waited, and then plugged it in again; however, the situation is the same.

    As per the chat: it is not working: if the ? appears, and then one clicks on the chat button, nothing happens. Apparently chat does not work when they are overworked.

    The messenger chat is also no responding today (25 minutes).

    Let's see how long it takes to contact someone and get this sorted out.

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