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If I want to get Plan 9G Canada plus mini iPhone 13. How much do I pay per month ? Please let me know the 2 options : financing the phone and pay up front, thanks

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    Hi Mango

    As mentioned, you can figure it out or contact Fizz customer service if you need additional information.

    The 9GB Canada plan with texts, calls and voicemail is $39.46+taxes/month

    If you opt for the 12GB plan, it will cost only $1 more - $40.46+taxes/month

    Fizz is unique. They are the only provider that allows customers to customize, pick and choose the plan options we want. It all starts here -

    For your phone options, look for your phone in Fizz store -

    Paybright option for the 128 GB model - your phone starting from $39.54+taxes/month for 24 months.

    Pay now option - $949+taxes

    Prices and inventory do change at Fizz. So when you see something you like, it's best to grab it quickly.


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