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I am getting spam calls and they have automated messages. I tried complaining in government websites, Fizz customer care online chat - and no luck. I blocked the number on my phone but now those scammers are filling up my voicemail box. They call around 4-7 times everyday. I am almost at the verge of changing fizz because of no solution to this issue. Can anyone help ? Can anyone from fizz actively look at tracking and blocking this number rather than telling me - nothing can be done. My family uses Rogers, bell and it's been longer than I have and they all get spam calls but after one or two attempts it stops when complained to their providers

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    There is not much more you can do than what you already done. Plus even if you leave Fizz, the problem lies with your phone number, so going to Rogers, you would simply port your problem over there.

    Often, they are using more than one phone number, so you may need to block them all before you see an improvement in your voicemail / number of call you reeive from them, but eventually it should work, no matter which cell phone company you are with.

    Good luck!


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    Hello, brouleau21 is right, and yeah it is frustrating. I do not have voicemail on my personal phone and have received only one scam call in the last year and blocked that number for calls and texts...if they can't get through the scammers don't share the number and it falls down on their list of targets. With no VM, calls to Fizz numbers result in a message from Fizz that appears to be a number out of service.

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