Anyboday bought phone from Fizz ,I did but never receive it

I bought I phone since 4 weeks and never receive it although I submit 2 tickets but always in progress, shrm o send message anyways have answer but not stright answer

Any body have the same situation?


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    Hi @sami A. #15373

    I am in a similar situation, activate an account and still in pending activation, open a ticket still waiting

  • RyHi
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    I had no trouble ordering my phone. No need to open multiple tickets, FIZZ is working on it. With the holidays and likely a lot of people ordering new phones I am sure they are busy. Give them time and you will receive a response.


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    Sorry you went through this, i ordered one and maybe 3 days later I had my phone. Hopefully it wont be too long for you

  • TheBlob
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    Yep, awful process. Ordered a phone on december 20 with a Paybright plan, got confirmation from Paybright with first payment on january 20, but never got confirmation from Fizz.

    I waited a few days, then chat with Fizz to open a ticket, which is still 'in progress' but no updates for a week now. I asked for a follow-up but received a canned answer from a rep to wait for the ticket.

    Transaction does not appear in my transaction history, so all i have in hands is the Paybright legal contract, which i cannot cancel because they are waiting an order confirmation from Fizz. Full circle here.

    All i want is the phone i bought, but for now i'm stuck with a payment plan i cannot cancel and a phone transaction that doesn't even seem to exist on Fizz side.

  • Hi TheBlob

    We have the same situation .my first payment will be January 9th.

    I dont know where the problem if Fizz have their money from Paybright the only problem I can see that they do not have the phone we requested especisly I sent to Fizz the agreement and the confirmation email from Paybright.

    Wish this problem will so soon

  • Hello, Fizz still has many bugs to work out in their service offerings and delivery of those services. Many of their pre-owned phones rarely have stock available to purchase, and yet the price changes intra-day, i.e. iphone 7 from $150 down to $100 but none available. It is confusing as a customer. I would suggest you consider cancelling your order and submit a new order.