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Hi i am looking to be a fizz customer and subscribe for a mobile plan but i want to keep my current number is that possible and how i can do it online.


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    Hello @Georges_91

    The whole procedure is described in this page with a nice video : https://fizz.ca/en/faq/activation-how-do-i-transfer-my-current-phone-number-to-fizz

    Be sure to NOT UNSUBSCRIBE from your current provider. Fizz will do that for your.

    I suggest you to get your sim card in a physical store, it's easier, faster and no delay (or worse card been stolen). Call the store beforehand to make sure they still have cards.

    Also note the following important things:

    • Only mobile numbers coming from the province of Quebec or the Ottawa region can be transferred.
    • Only numbers from the Fizz subscription area can be transferred to Fizz. If your number starts with an area code outside the subscription area, your number cannot be transferred. Read that page carefuly to know the difference between Subscription and coverage areas.
    • It is currently impossible for us to transfer phone numbers that are associated with landlines and VOIP. A solution is to have your current provider do that change for you.

    If you want to benefit from the 50$ referral rebate (that you'll get after you pay your 2nd bill) make sure you use a valid one (most users have them in their description like me) and use it in the Order Summary page:

    Make sure you press the green button.

    Finally here are some pitfalls as described in this FAQ that might interest you.

    Welcome to Fizz! 🤗

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    Right, DO NOT UNSUBSCRIBE from your provider, otherwise you will lose your number !

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    Thank you!