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Hi everyone,

I wrongfully purchased an iPhone 12 phone, on August 20th

Received the phone, then returned it back to Fizz for a refund in order to get the one I wanted, all within the 15-day return policy

Since then, I've been contacting Customer Service every two weeks, but they're not helpful at all, always telling me to wait... I've been waiting for 3 months now... That is a hell of a long time and the issue still hasn't been resolved

They opened two tickets, the first one closed without any resolution of the issue so I'm not very hopeful about this second one... I lowkey just wanna get my money back or the phone back at the very least... I've been waiting for a very long time... And None of it is leading anywhere

I don't know what to do anymore... And I'm asking for help

Thanks in advance

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  • Fling
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    Hi Cheikh,

    you ou made a complaint ?

  • Fling
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    You just need to wait, I don't know if you can have some legal way to get your money. It's to long ... august

    If it was me I will made a çomplaint every day until they refund me.

    And ask a question every day to tell us they still don't have refund you and how bad they are to refund ther customer.

    Good luck

  • Zenthar
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    I'd suggest you contact your credit card company and ask how to proceed with a chargeback.


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