Swap phone # on same plan and disconnect forward service ?

Movement in my family.

Phone # A is a landline, I want my actual service provider to put it on a SIM card.

Then I plan to transfer that phone # A to FIZZ.

I then plan to ditch my current cellphone # (let's call it B) and transfer phone # A to my plan.

2 questions:

-Can I swap phone # A to my current plan (which is currently use with phone # B) ?

-Does fizz provide a «disconnect forward service» for 3-6 months like other provider do (for phone # B) ?

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    There is no disconnect forward service with Fizz as far as I know.

    Easiest way to achieve what you want to do above, is to first move your landline to a SIM with your provider (since Fizz will not port in landlines for now). Then you can create a new plan, with a new SIM, with Fizz and Port in your number "A" from your other provider to Fizz.

    Then for the plan with number "B", at least for the calls, you can bring the plan down to the bare minimum if you want (no data, no voicemail) and just enable call forwarding. That way all your calls can be forwarded to number "A". There is no standard way to forward SMS messages however. If you have an old spare phone, you can put that old SIM in that phone and both Android and iPhones have apps to allow "mirroring" of texts to another device. On iPhones, I think the iOS even has some built in features to allow you to forward them, but this means that you need a second iPhone which can be left on for the period (3 to 6 months) to allow this "manual" forwarding patch to work. Now, if you have a dual SIM phone, then you can obviously just keep both sims in the phone.

    Keep in mind that making any changes to a plan, will automatically switch you to "current" pricing tier. So any special or promo pricing you may have will be gone.

    Another more elegant solution is to port number "B" out to a VoIP provider like VoIP.ms, which supports SMS. They also offer the option to do call forwarding, and SMS forwarding for numbers supporting SMS.

    And VoIP.ms is not very expensive overall, SMS messages are under a penny each. And local calls are often less than $0.02/minute each..

    I do not know of many Canadian carriers that offer any "disconnect forward service". Usually once a phone number is no longer on a plan here in Canada, after 2 months, it is pretty much back in the pool.

    Good luck.

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