New phone purchase impossible?

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Hello everyone,

I've purchased a phone on fizz with the installments option and received a Loan Agreement in my email. I'd like to know the date of delivery of my phone. Can I get some help? Thank you!

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  • Hello! Thank you for your feedback. I clicked on Chat, it doesn't open up the chat box. I'll try over facebook.

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    You're welcome! : )

  • The facebook link doesn't lead to it :/

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    Vous aurez à cliquer sur le lien, ensuite de nouveau cliquer sur le lien sortant, celui qui sera au bas de la page lorsque vous la déroulerez pour pouvoir quitter le forum, et vous rendre directement sur Facebook. Je viens tout juste de le tester et il est fonctionnel de mon côté.

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    Probably because the sentence ends with a dot, confusing the link.

    Here you go:

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    If the chat bubble ❔ does nothing, make sure…

    • try in incognito mode
    • to try with a different browser, Chrome and Edge are known to work relatively well with Fizz
    • to try on another device (mobile, laptop, tablet)
    • you really are on a FAQ page e.g.
    • you scroll through the page and after 10-15 seconds the ❔ bubble will appear in the bottom right corner of the page.
    • you are really logged in with your account:
      • Disconnect explicitly using "►Log out" in the left menu
      • close any Fizz tab
      • clear your cookies
      • reconnect.
    • no browser extension blocks its appearance (ad blocker or plugins like "NoScript").
    • JavaScript is enabled
    • no VPN disables the rendering, some have ad blockers
    • to empty your cache

  • Doomdrou
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    It should take up to a week after you receive the agreement.

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