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Hi if I remove the visual voice mail in my plan, will I still have the regular "audio" voice mail? I'm not very clear on this. Can someone clarify this for me?


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  • Emporium
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    No.. It is one and the same.

    They just changed the name, so people don't assume they have to pay more for the visual part.

    Voicemail is voicemail. You have one, you have them both.

  • Fling
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    Hi Fanny,

    No, visual voice mail mail had replace the old voice mail.

    For new customer the only choice is visual voice mail, the other is now no more available for them.

    Have a nice day


  • Fanni
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    Thanks @emporium @Fling

    Got it visual voicemail is the current term.

    So if I want to have voice mail, I must choose "visual voicemail", otherwise I would NOT have any voicemail in my mobile plan. Am I understanding it properly?

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