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Hello! So i recently got the upgrade for the 1$ discount for my mobile and i was wondering if i would lose my "beta" pricing if i started using it? Cause i remember reading a WHILE back that if i made any change to my plan that i would lose it but, since this is just an upgrade, even tho it would change the pricing, it should be fine right? Thank you!

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    If it is one of those bonus/perks you get that you put in a slot :) , it will NOT affect your pricing, since you are NOT making any chages to your plan.

    Now if you were to add a feature to your plan, that would be different.

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    You should be fine. Applying upgrades is not considered a plan change.

    You are correct about making a plan change that you will pay the current prices offered by Fizz.

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    Upgrades only change your billing.

    I will not affect the plan's rate which is secured by your Service Agreement (that you can find in your account under Manage Your Plan).


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