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Is there a way to find a lost phone that has no data?

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  • Emporium
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    Sorry to hear you lost your phone.

    Not really an easy task, unless it connects to Wifi, and you have enabled some sort of "lost my phone" type app on the phone.

    And that assumes if anyone found it, they did not already just reset it :(

    There is a process listed here, in order to block your SIM card, and then replace/reactivate a new sim card once you get a new phone and SIM, etc..


    Good luck.


  • Deh
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    If someone finds it and you have contacts inside the phone, he will be able to call someone using his phone and that way someone will be able to help you get your phone back

    But realistically I don't think you'll get your phone back

  • yoddie
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    Unfortunately, no :(

  • RyHi
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    You can look for it, maybe even ask some friend to help you look for it.

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