Can't connect to, wrong password

Tried password on sticker and wifi, none connect

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  • Hi, the most reliable way to connect your computer to your modem is with a network cable, no password necessary. Here you can change any settings like changing the password to something more secure or easier for you to remember. Hope this is helpful.

  • yoddie
    yoddie Posts: 79

    You need to connect to with the username:


    And the password is the password of your WiFi network.

    If you haven't changed it, it's the one on the sticker, otherwise, it's the one you changed it to.

  • Yes, I think resetting your router is a good idea.

  • Alexsolo
    Alexsolo 1ADO7Posts: 72

    You can always reset the router and configure it to your liking. Making sure to put meaningful and easy to remember passwords.

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