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Why others can't gift me data when I didn't book my data for my plan?

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    Hi Snow,

    That's Fizz rules

    Who can I send a gift to?

    You can send a data gift to:

    • Any Fizz customer who is findable in Contacts and has a data plan
    • A complete stranger, as long as they are findable and have a Fizz data plan

    You cannot send a data gift to:

    • People who are not Fizz members
    • Fizz members with no data plan
    • Fizz members who have designated themselves incognito

    Buying an Add-on or applying a perk or an upgrade allow you to add extra data to your plan, but that won’t give you the ability to gift or receive data. To gift or receive data, your plan must include data from the get-go.

    Read all you need to know about data gifting

    Good evening

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    Thank you.

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    This the rule of fizz. You can't gift your data to a person without data plan


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    Does anyone have extra data to gift me please? my code is: MQNP5