How long does it takes to cash in our referral?

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I wonder what is the delay for the referral bonus to come in when your friend subscribed to fizz. How is it applied exactly? Directly in your bill as a credit?

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    Hi Refcode,

    When are referral bonuses awarded?
    1. When your friend subscribes to Fizz using your referral code, both of your referral bonuses will be pending until your invited friend becomes a paying member. Same goes if you're the one who was invited: your bonus (and that of the Fizz member who invited you) will be pending.
    2. When the invited person completes their second monthly payment, they will receive their referral bonus. From there, the referral bonus of the Fizz member who made the invitation will be applied on their next payment. 
    3. If you have multiple plans, your referral bonuses will be applied on the payment for your default main plan (the oldest plan in your account).
    4. You can change your settings under your profile to choose another plan. Once that change is done, any future referral bonus will be assigned to that other chosen plan.

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  • To be short, it will appear in your account at your friend's second monthly payment.

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    Simple enough..

    Just go to your account, select "My Settings", and then you will have an option for referral Bonuses.

    In there you will see a nice summary and all the details of your referrals.

    So the referral remains as "Pending" until your friend makes his second payment. After that it is a credit on your account and will be applied to your cycle payment, and the rest (if any) will be taken from your payment method on file. If there is a balance (credit larger than your monthly statement), it will remain in your account and balance applied to your next invoice also.

  • Normally, it will be two months

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    Expect 2 months, but could faster.

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