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I already have an account with fizz since the last 18 months (mobile+home wifi). I just bought a new phone with fizz and also another sim card. Now I have two phones and two sim cards. Question? How can I activate my second sim card with an existing fizz mobile account? (two sim cards, one fizz account). If I follow the directions, it asks me my activation code for my second sim card and asked me to manage a new plan. I don't want a new plan neither modify my existing account. All I want is to activate my second sim on my existing account. There is no indication telling me how to do this

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    If I take my first and old sim card and move it into my new phone do I have to create a new plan?... More expensive than my actual plan?

    If the SIM is still active, you can mode it in any phone, no new plan required. It will work (tho you need to configure APN settings). The plan follows the SIM card, not the phone.

    Note that the phone should support the SIM card. See this for more:


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