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Is it possible to put a hold on an account if you don't need internet for 1 or more months? If so, is there a minimum monthly charge? How much notice is needed? Any insight on how this works is appreciated. TIA.

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    Hi @itsmeagi

    For now, it is unfortunately impossible to put a Fizz plan (Internet and/or mobile) on pause/hold.


    Like the above article suggests, the only thing you can do is bring your service down to the slowest speed possible to save a few $ if you want. But keep in mind that if you have some special pricing you got during a "promo" pricing period, when you decide to go back up to what speed you want, you will no longer have your previous price. You will go to whatever is the current price.


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    Not for the internet. You can cancel your phone service and keep your phone number for a fee. But since there is nothing to keep Internet wise, just cancel and resubscribe when you come back.

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