iPhone Visual Voice mail stopped working / very long delay

So when visual voice mail was first introduced, i did the "STATE" thing and it worked (iPhone XS Max, iOS 15, Carrier Settings 48.0)

Worked great for about a week and now i stopped getting notifications (not the SMS notifications, but the native iOS voice mail notifications, the red badge) and more importantly the actual voice mails in the voice-mail section of the phone app.

Anyone else have the same issue / managed to fix it?

Support did some basic troubleshooting with me (check OS version, carrier settings, etc) and hilariously asked me to download the fizz voice mail app (which doesn't exist on iOS, maybe someone should tell them?).

Anyway, considering cancelling my voice mail and using YouMail, since some users said they can use that and it actually works, and I'll save $2 or whatever. Thoughts, suggestions?


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    So I “fixed” it. Not sure if it was because of fizz or because of iOS but this is what I did.

    1. Do “STATE” AGAIN
    2. go off wifi
    3. settings -> general -> cellular -> network selection -> disable automatic -> pick another instance of “Fizz” (I could see 2 of them plus a few “Fizz EXT” networks
    4. Open phone app
    5. click voice mail
    6. click greeting, click custom and try to listen to your greeting. Before it kept loading but now it actually played it back
    7. leave myself a new voice mail
    8. now the new voice mail AND all the missing ones showed up in the voice mail section of the phone app.
    9. restore network selection to automatic and go back and wifi

    so far so good. Hopefully it stays working like this.

    hope this helps someone out there with similar issue.


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    That's great! I am sure somebody might find this helpful :)

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    Thanks for posting an update. That is always helpfull rather than leaving it hanging.

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