Thinking of switching but unsure about reliability for multiple devides streaming and gaming

Nov 26, 2021

I know there has been threads on this subjects but I'd like to have recent reviews...

I am with another provider at the moment, thinking of switching because of the price difference (half of what I pay now) but I have multiple devices connected, Smartphones, Smart home lights and plugs, video camera, tablet, laptop, often streaming videos more than one at a time and online gaming too.

Any feedback to help me make decide if I should switch? My son will not forgive me if he has issues when gaming LOL...

Many Thanks !

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    I have at least 4 laptops, 5PC, 3 rackmount servers, 3 NAS units, 4 Media/IPTV boxes, 3 tablets, 4 Phones and all sorts of other IoT devices including my washer ;) Oh and my VoIP (Obi202) using freephoneline. I have the 120/20 plan, and so far it has been super smooth. And I have my gamer kids who would also jump if anything interrupted their gaming :) And with the Work from home and classes from home thing, I often have 1 Teams meeting session and 2 zoom session in parallel.

    However, I am using the Fizz modem in Bridge mode, since I already had my own router/firewall appliance (based on OPNsense), and 3 WiFi access points (one on each floor). I find that the Fizz modem for any larger home may not be sufficient for decent WiFi coverage, which is why I decided to bypass those features and use my own.

    Just to get an idea, here is a speedtest I just ran:

    With decent speeds (above the 120/20 profile), and with nice 5ms ping times (usually it is between 5ms and 7ms), gamers are happy.


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    Hello @MartineB

    The provider won't be an issue. Just the speed and capacity (which is unlimited at Fizz BTW).

    And it's less about the number of devices but more about the total bandwith usage (speed).

    If you are able to measure it NOW than you can select the corresponding speed at Fizz when you subscribe. Otherwise, gaming c an be done at 15Mbps for some game but not all; some will require 120Mbps...

    As for reliability, Fizz IS Videotron, it's a subsidiary. It's a serious but young company. If the cable reaches your place, it will work. The big differences are:

    • the device that acts as a modem+router. the router part is not top tier. It is suggested to have your own (more recent if possible, better if it is wifi6).
    • the customer support which is only by keyboard. But you seem to do well just right now, so you're good.

    Tip: generally you can compare both services at the same time. Just overlap contracts at your place with both your current provider and Fizz for a few hours/days. You'll see if the speed you chose is adequate. If not, then you can always change speed each month (another Fizz advantage).

    It's free to subscribe, free to quit, free to rent. Just not free (but still cheap) to use 😁

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    Oh and if you need a referral code, well most forum users have it near their avatar name, like me wink wink

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    My whole house is full of smart devices. I also stream gaming via Stadia and use my PS5. No issues so far! I am on the 120 plan.

    I do use my own router though. So I use the Fizz modem only in bridge mode.

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