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Hello. I would like to buy a new phone, Samsung galaxy S20 FE. It was 950 CAD, but there is a discount on it and the price is 480. The new Samsung S22 is coming on January. By the new phone coming out, are you going to lower the price of galaxy S20 FE.?

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    Hi Shahrzad

    Have you checked the perk bonuses of your Fizz account? Fizz recently sent out perks of $50 or $100 discount off any phone purchase from Fizz. This new phone is more than 50% off, what are you waiting for? If you wait longer, there's the possibility Fizz will be out of stock. I just checked the phone availability and can see that they have only Navy colour left.

    As an added bonus, Fizz is also offering 30 GB in perks to everyone who buys a phone (offer valid until December 13 2021).


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