Can someone help with some data for my Autistic son PLZ...

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Hello to all...If anyone can give him some I can repay you on the 1st of Dec.,thanks in advance.

I din't know what happend but my sons data just dissapeared. ..when he is home he doesnt use his phone so he was home for 2 days and when we opened his phone last night before bedtime to put his alarm for school he had 7gigs of data and this morning he couldnt use his phone at all no calls no texts no data!!!! He went to school and I went on my computer to figure it out and I had a hard time getting through on the Fizz site for a while when I finally did it said no son says his data is gone....

He is autistic and doesnt understand that I have lost my job and on unemployment with very little coming in,single mom with 3 kids.....he thinks I can fix everything😥♥️


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