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How much time do I have to use my rolled over data?

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    Hello @MarkShenoda7

    unused data is called "rolled over data" and lasts up to 2 more months. So in a sense any unused data lasts 3 months. You can see the expiry date in the details in your account in the section "Usage".

    see FAQ for more info:

    Each batch of rolled over data will expire after two (2) complete payment cycles, and this even if you change your plan


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    2 extra months...

  • brouleau21
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    Bt you may not rollover more than one (1) month worth of data (based on your current plan). So if you augment your plan all the rolled over data will still be there. But, if you lower you plan, you may lose what was on top of your new plan.

    Hope this helps.

  • Philemon24
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    You cannot lose rolled over data according to Fizz FAQ:

    Does my rolled over data instantly expire when I change my plan?

    Of course not. You keep your rolled over data for two (2) complete payment cycles even if you change your plan during that time, and even if that new plan has no data.

  • brouleau21
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    Correct. But, after two months, even if you still rollover most of those data, you will then lose whatever extra you had. i.e.

    Month 1

    • Plan 4 GB
    • Use 1 GB

    Month 2

    • Plan lowered to 2 GB + rollover 3 GB
    • Total data 5 GB
    • Use 1 GB

    Month 3

    • Plan 2 GB
    • Rollover 4 GB (2 left from previous month and the 2 of my current plan)
    • Total data 6 GB
    • Use 1 GB

    Month 4:

    • Plan 2 GB
    • Rollover 2 GB
    • Total 5 GB (I "lost" one GB of unused data from 2 months ago...)

    That is what I meant, at some point, you will lose what is on top of twice you monthly plan.

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