Will iPhone 12 Mini's come back in stock

ElleJay Posts: 1

iPhone 12 Mini's are currently out of stock. Will you be adding more to the online store?


  • Philemon24
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    Hello @ElleJay

    this forum is mostly between Fizz users and no one knows how the warehouse really works.

    But that phone looks like it is very popular, I'd suggest to come back often to not miss the next available batch.

    Alternatively, use the notification system: when you're logged in you can insert your email address to be notified:

  • Ryugo
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    edited November 26

    Although no one knows the details on how the stocks are refreshed, does anyone have a rough idea on how often we can expect a new batch? Is it usually monthly or is it completely random?

  • yoddie
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    From what I've seen, it is random depending on the models

    I doubt they will restock them