Does Paybright responds promptly to problems?

I tried to buy a phone with the financing option with Paybright.

I got an error message and then submitted a ticket with Paybright to look into the problem

I have been waiting for more than 7 business days for a response. I have called them 3 times, and still no response.

I lost the opportunity to buy the phone I wanted, and will need to wait a see if the phone becomes available again.

Why is Fizz doing business with a company that is so unresponsive?

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    Can't comment on paybright speed for addressing issues.

    However comanies do business with paybrightm, Probably because they are now one of the biggest financing companies for buy now and pay overtime in Canada. And companies have nothing to lose doing it that way, since they get thier money in full, while customers deal with Paybright.

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