Do I need to cancel with my current internet provider before Fizz is installed or after?

Thanks in advance. 😁

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    There are many ways to do it.

    Most people do it as Dapfizzer has mentioned.

    However, I usually recommend to people to schedule an install for a week or 2 prior to the end of payment cycle with other provider. I know that means for a short period you are paying for 2 services, however this also gives you some security to avoid any potential downtime. So in case there is an issue during the install (which can happen with anything - example, a defective modem), at least you would still have your old internet connection, until the issue is addressed.

    More an more with services being internet dependent (VoIP for telephone, IPTV, work from home, etc..), I could not afford the downtime, and therefore I opted for 2 weeks prior. Luckily everything went super smooth, but it is like an insurance policy. You get it, but hope you never need to use it :)

    Welcome to Fizz


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    It’s up to you. Personally, I would choose my plan and in the process, make an appointment for it to coincide with the end of my payment cycle with this other provider.

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    Thank you for your replay

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    You're wecome! : )

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    I second what @Emporium has said. Make sure to schedule the Fizz installation two to three weeks before your old plan expires. It might cost a bit more money, but you will appreciate it in case the technician doesn't show up for the appointment, which happens for time to time. You don't want to end up without internet :)

    Also make sure you use a referral code when you sign up. Right now Fizz will give you 100$ :)

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    I cancelled my Vidéotron internet right after Fizz was connected and I made sure everything was working; I was reimbursed the part of my month that was unused (about 90 days later however).

  • yoddie
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    No you don't, you could technically have 2 service providers at the same time. But I recommend booking your appointment first and then calling your current ISP to cancel the service a day after your Fizz install.

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