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Hi I am your costumer. I also would liker to purchase another number with a sim card, phone and new plan for my dad/ how I can do that?

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    Just open a new account, with his email (or create a new one via Gmail our your email provider of choice). Select the sim, phone, & plan you want. Put his Credit card in as form of payment, and you should be all set. If you Don't choose to transfer an existing number to Fizz, you will have a new number chosen for your plan, once you activate the sim card.

    Don't forget to use your reference code when ordering his sim/plan/phone and that way you can both take advantage of the $100 current bonus offered by Fizz for new account referrals.

    When you order a plan, it will give you the option to either order a new SIM card, or to activate one if you already have one. At the bottom of the Plan ordering screen, you have the option to just order a SIM (and that way you can chose a plan later.


  • and make the payments via his credit card

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    PS: If you order a phone through Fizz, keep in mind that it can sometimes take 2 or 3 weeks to get it (depending on the phone and if you go through PayBright).

    Ordering a Plan and/or SIM, is a separate process than ordering a phone.

  • Yeah. Make a Gmail account,go to couchetard and grab a sim card. Create a new fizz account with the new email address and that's it.

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