Christmas 2021

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As the year ends and that Christmas celebrations will likely be allowed, what are your plans for the holidays? Will you travel abroad or will you welcome family? What are your thoughts about Christmas this year? Do you think it should have been confined like last year? Or do you think it should be more "open" than what the government announces?

In my case, Christmas will be similar to the ones before 2020. Some family gatherings, but nothing really big. I always hated large partys, so the government measures restricting the size of gatherings do not bother me much.


  • Probably just some family gathering tbh. I am Asian and we don't really celebrate Christmas, but my dad's birthday fall on the eve so we sort of celebrate it every year.

  • Mataze
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    Family gathering as well here. Very low key tho

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    Family will visit me. It feels good to have some ‘normalcy’ again :)

  • I hope the fireworks are back in the old port. It was quite a disappointment last year.

    I won't personally travel outside of the country. Mostly because of the COVID tests required 😄

  • Feels great to see family and friends again. Stay safe everyone!

  • Deh
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    Hopefully they wont cancel the holidays because of Omicron

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