Can't load my phones page on account

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When logged in, I am unable to access the "Phones" tab in my account.

It's the same issue across browsers and devices.

This issue has been going on since last week when I purchased my first Fizz phone.

Any suggestions?

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  • TheSR
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    Hi hodari,

    You can try using the incognito/private mode on your browser, you can also delete the cache, internet files and cookies or try using another browser. If the issue is persisting, I suggests you contact customer care:

    - Make sure you are logged into your Fizz account and go here:

    - Go to the bottom of the page, you will see a green bubble with a question mark appear on the right, click on it choose Chat

    There is also other options to reach Fizz but this way is the fastest and 24 hours a day.

    If ever the bubble does not appear go here to see how to reach Fizz:


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