Is there a way to disable data on Pay-As-You-Go ?

Bruno M. #2164
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Does anyone know if somehow you can disable data use on your pay as you go balance ?

My last time travelling, I had a data travel pack, and during my wait to get on my return flight I burned through the residual data, but Fizz then consumed my entire wallet credit balance (of $20) in a matter of seconds it seems.

Can I somehow restrict my wallet usage to only texts/voice ?

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    Hi Bruno

    It seems our wallet will be used for any mobile option that isn't already included in our plan or add-ons.

    As Fizz states here -

    1. If you deplete your monthly plan before the end of your payment cycle, and you choose not to buy an Add-On to complete the month, your consumption will automatically switch to Pay As You Go.

    In your case, the only way to avoid using your wallet automatically is to buy another add-on.


  • Bruno M. #2164
    Bruno M. #2164 Posts: 13 ✭✭

    Yes, that is unfortunately what I found as well, but was hoping there was another option.

    You should be able to switch off data, as $0.15/MB means your $10 credit can be used up in 30 seconds, which is outrageous. The only reason I put money in the wallet is so that I can receive texts/calls while away from Can/US.

    But the fact this credit will get arbitrarily consumed under these circumstances means I have to constantly monitor my data consumption so that I don’t dip into it….

    Fizz has done a great job of eliminating our overage charges, but this is a glaring omission. Hopefully they will do something to allow us to configure this option better.

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