More services to be included ?

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hi there,

by accident i found this online VOIP service :

they offer for free of charge a phone number from either Quebec or Ontario

You get unlimitted nationwide calls, call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, hide your call ID, select different rings, limited 911 included, etc... no credit card required to subscribe (for free services)

need extra services: get add-ons for Canada texting, Global texting, world calls..

service available thru your browser (web-based) or download the app on your IOS/Android device

pretty good ! of course you need internet service (Data plan / wireless or wired internet)

I think Fizz we definitely can do better !

how about Wifi calling? VoLTE calling ? Voicemail should be included by default

Hey Fizzers, What do you think ? 🎤

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  • brouleau21
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    The "catch" is as follow: There is NO free service for home users, it starts at 4.95 $ and at that price there are a few things that you typically cannot do or need to pay for, like the following :

    • Number transfer costs 25 $ (ne time fee) or a monthly subscription;
    • There will be adds in the phone app and on your computer plugin;
    • Some service providers you cannot receive calls on your phone app, only on your computer which is less (much) convenient or on a receiver that you have to buy. I don't know about Fongo, but Ooma is like this with the basic subscription;
    • A few other small annoyance that will make you buy a better bigger monthly subscription for more convenience.

    The only free service is the busines one, because they know that the basic package is typically not enough for a business.

    All that being said, it is still a pretty good deal when you need a home phone.


  • TheSR
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    Since we now have visual voicemail, I hope Wifi Calling and VoLTE will be the next upgrade 😎

  • redhead
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    That would be great, but I read that it is not easy to implement when you a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) business model.

  • RyHi
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    What's the catch, there is always a catch :)

    I enjoy FIZZ. Thank you.

  • kingTheod
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    for someone who already has internet, and need to make long distance calls canada-wide free of charge, unlimited, or need to receive "local" calls while being overseas, it's pretty convenient !

    I do have the app on my computer and it's completely ads-free !

    i didnt install it on my phone, b/c i dont really need it !

    VOIP calls are really good with Fongo : clear! i can also receive calls from anywhere and listen to my messages (free voicemail)

    i dont have a landline phone : cell only like many people.

    their free service is far enough to me. it's more a great addon with Fizz !

    all in all, fizz can make some extra efforts.

    i find out fizz internet plan keep rising...


  • I personally did not have very good experiences with Fongo. Sometimes I could not receive calls or SMS, and the interface was not exactly very well made.

  • Doomdrou
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    I used Fongo when I was in college. It was not bad, probably my best cheap option back then, but it was far from being great, as there were many reliability issues. I hope it has improved since then (it was in 2013-14), otherwise I do not get the appeal in today’s context…

  • I use fongo every now and then. Call quality is good but something it's weird with the app.

    Sometimes it disconnect s from their servers and not automatically reconnect unless i open the app and this means lost calls.

  • kingTheod
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    convenient free backup phone number....

    dont want to provide your real one, use this to hide you ID...

    notably if you have more than one 👩🏻


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