$$$ Reward perk with new phone?

I got an email mentioning that since I'm level 6, I would get a $100 reward perk if I were to purchase a phone. the fine print mention this : "The $100 perk is available for 60 days starting November 5, 2021 "

Does this mean Fizz will be only offering the reward for two months after nov 5th? Or that I have to use it before feb 5th? If the latter, what could I use it for? Paying my monthly fee? I rarely use extras unless I'm travelling (one of the reasons I like Fizz!) so I'm sot sure on what else I could spend it.


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    @Alvaro F.

    Hi Alvaro,

    this gift card is a $100 discount that can only be used to purchase a phone, and is valid for 60 days from the moment you receive it.


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