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I was supposed to receive a technician to bring my fizz modem but none came and no canceling notification was received. what do I do?

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    Hi Roger,

    maybe the technician was unable to fulfill is engagements due to the previous installation which would have taken longer than expected. Sorry but you'll have to reschedule a new appointment...

    To reschedule your technician appointment:

    1. Log into your account and go to Manage plan.
    2. Click on Appointments.
    3. Here you will be able to see a complete list of all your past and future appointments.
    4. Scroll to the appointment you wish to modify.
      • To reschedule an appointment, click on Reschedule.This will open the booking interface. Select a new day and time slot and click Save.
      • Beware — if you just finished scheduling your appointment, please allow a 3-hour delay for the Reschedule button to appear in your account.


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