voicemail not working (iPhone X with latest IOS)

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Despite FIZZ finally adding visual voicemail, and that it's supposed to work without my needing to do anything else (I have data package), it doesn't. Any ideas?

Also, my voicemail frequently doesn't work in that, when trying to access my messages, the line gets dropped (despite good signal strength) before the system ever identifies me. Is anyone else having accessing issues?

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  • Rosalie N. #26634
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    Did you try that ?

    • Apple members > You need iOS 15 or a later version, with a iPhone 6S or more recent.  
      1. Any issues, and you've verified you're using iOS 15 or later please turn your device on/off
      2. If you power-cycled your device and are still having the same issue, please send the following text: "STATE to 44744" this should do the trick.

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  • SiBeau
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    Seems that Fizz did something in the back end (took about an hour), but now all is good.

    BTW, for those who haven't tried it, Fizz's visual voicemail is very similar to other suppliers, which is awesome. :)

  • StefanM
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    Glad to see that it works now. It was a new roll-out for Fizz so it probably was just some issues with that :)

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